MED-EL USA Announces New AudioLink Handsfree Wireless Technology Voucher Option and SONNET Swap Program

July 11, 2019

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — According to a company announcement, new MED-EL hearing implant recipients now have the option of selecting a voucher for the latest wireless technology, MED-EL’s proprietary AudioLink accessory that connects recipients to Bluetooth-enabled devices. The AudioLink also wirelessly streams music or TV through a variety of connection options.

MED-EL’s wireless technology works with any mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities, including iPhone/iOS, Samsung/Android or Google/Android, all without intermittency issues. AudioLink now offers handsfree wireless phone capabilities, and can be used as a remote microphone, similar to a conference table mic.

“AudioLink offers the latest in proprietary, streamlined wireless technology for MED-EL’s processors. MED-EL’s wireless capabilities have always been designed to be paired with whatever phone our recipients use, as your hearing implant shouldn’t dictate whether or not you need to buy a certain phone. We constantly strive to offer our recipients the industry-leading technology that MED-EL is known for, and in some cases ahead of when it hits the market, like with AudioLink and the next generation SONNET.”

–Raymond Gamble, President & CEO, MED-EL North America


SONNET Swap Promotion 


New recipients with an unopened SONNET or SONNET EAS audio processor can exchange it for the next generation SONNET once it becomes available, which is expected in late 2019.

The SONNET Swap promotion is valid for patients implanted in the US only, beginning on July 1, 2019, through product availability. RONDO 2 is not eligible for this exchange, and only one audio processor may be exchanged per ear, per system. MED-EL will accept open SONNET and SONNET EAS Audio Processors if the recipient’s patient kit includes only one audio processor.


Source: MED-EL USA

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