Philips Hearing Aids Released for Sale in Costco

philips hearing aids at costco
May 24, 2019

Following the recent announcement of the global launch of Philips-branded hearing aids in April 2019, it was unclear where the new brand would fit among the Demant hearing aid line-up, particularly in the US market. Demant, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, is the parent company to the Oticon, Sonic and Bernafon brand of hearing aids.

However, in May 2019 the company officially launched its new Philips-branded hearing aids in Costco locations across the US. The brand will replace Bernafon, which has had a presence in Costco for many years, but lacked the same level of market share enjoyed by flagship brands like Phonak and ReSound within Costco hearing centers. 

philips replaces bernafon costco

Visitors to Costco’s website during most of the month of May 2019 may have noted Bernafon no longer listed among the company’s hearing aid suppliers. Image retrieved from Costco’s website May 24, 2019.

By adding a more recognized consumer brand like Philips, Demant hopes to be more competitive within Costco, which has enjoyed double-digit growth of its hearing centers for the past several years.

costco hearing aid suppliers

By the end of May, the Philips logo had officially taken the place of Bernafon among the listing of hearing aid suppliers to Costco. Image retrieved May 27, 2019.


Philips HearLink Hearing Aids in Costco


According to company representatives, the Philips HearLink devices currently being offered at Costco will include the following styles: 

philips minirite hearing aids

With its initial launch into Costco, the Philips brand will be offered in 4 standard styles. No custom models will be offered at this time.

According to company representatives, the new Philips brand has received a very positive reception so far by hearing professionals at Costco.

costco hearing aids on display

Philips branded hearing aids on display alongside other brands offered at Costco.

The new Philips hearing aids are Made for iPhone to allow direct streaming of calls and audio to iPhone. The devices also offer compatibility with the HearLink app for iOS and Android:

hearlink app philips

Viewing your hearing aid battery level or the connection status from your smartphone to your hearing aids can be done with the HearLink App. The app also offers a GPS tracking feature and connectivity to other smart devices with IFTTT functionality.

Calls from Android phones are possible via the Philips AudioClip (shown below). Other optional accessories include the Philips TV Adapter and Remote Control.

philips audioclip tv adapter

Readers interested in learning more about the Philips branded hearing aids can visit the company’s website here.



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