Lucid Hearing Engage Rechargeable: Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

lucid engage rechargeable otc hearing aids
September 6, 2023

The Lucid Hearing Engage Rechargeable OTC (Over-the-Counter) hearing aid aims to provide an affordable solution for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are currently offered at $799.99 MSRP.

They are currently available to consumers through a number of leading retailers, such as Best Buy, Wal Mart, Amazon and others.


The Lucid Engage hearing aids come in the popular and discreet receiver in canal (RIC) style that is available in gray, black, and beige. 

lucid engage hearing aid colors

What’s in the box?

When you receive your Lucid Hearing Engage Rechargeable system, it includes:

  • 2 Engage devices; one for each ear.
  • Product manual.
  • Charging Case: Safely store and charge your Engage devices overnight or on the go.
  • USB-C Power Cord: Easily connect the Engage case to a wall outlet or USB port for charging.
  • Assortment of Vented and Closed Ear Tips in varied sizes (9 pairs).
  • 10 replacement Wax Stops.
  • Tube Fitting Guide.
  • Cleaning Tool for home maintenance.

lucid engage hearing aid

Beyond what is physically included in the box, the company also offers:

  • Lifetime support to ensure maximize the benefits and sound quality of your Lucid devices, with access to licensed audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. 
  • LucidShape is an advanced app that allows for user-controlled customizable sound settings in real time, including Live Environment and Balance Left/Right adjustments (Android and iPhone)

lucid hearing app

  • Bluetooth streaming capability from smartphone device (Android and iPhone)
  • Online Video Tutorials
  • One-year warranty

Setup and Battery Life

Lucid simplifies the setup process with its self-fitting functionality, powered by the LucidShape app. To begin, users need to register and download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Pairing and connecting the Lucid Engage system (Charger and Hearing Aids) with the app is straightforward.

Once connected, users simply use the Engage Tube Fitting Guide to ensure that the length between the device and ear tip fits comfortably. After placing the devices on the ears, users can adjust the volume and sound quality using the mobile app. The app comes standard with 4 preset acoustic profiles that are most common to listeners with mild to moderate hearing loss (no doctor’s visit or audiogram required). The app allows users to further adjust the clarity/sound quality/volume, as well as the acoustical listening environment.

These devices offer an expected battery life up to 16 hours between charges, based on < 2 hours of streaming usage. 

Lucid Engage Features

Key features of the Lucid Engage include:

  • Dynamic Directional Microphones: The Engage is designed with microphone technology that can reduce background noise, offering a better hearing experience in challenging acoustic environments such as restaurants, workplaces, and outdoor areas. 
  • Noise Reduction: Lucid has added Its advanced noise reduction technology to the Engage product, allowing for clearer and more focused listening of conversational speech.
  • Moisture Resistance: Lucid engineered their devices with nano-coating that provides resistance to moisture.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: Lucid Engage uses Bluetooth compatibility that allows users to stream phone calls and audio to both ears.


Lucid Hearing Engage rechargeable offers a comfortable and self-adjusting solution for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss at a moderate price tag. The technical features of this product are also commonly found in prescriptive products.

Overall, the Engage provides adults with hearing difficulties a solution to improve their ability to hear conversational speech with clarity, while reducing noise in challenging communication environments (restaurants, group settings).

Visit the company’s website here to learn more.

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