Colombian Experts Advocate Interdisciplinary Approach to Tackle Vertigo

  By Mara Brugés Polo   Is vertigo properly diagnosed? During Colombia’s Otology Week in Bogotá, a workshop was held on vestibular disorders with a practical approach. Mexican otorhinolaryngologist Jorge Madrigal, founder and medical director of the MedBalanZ Clinic, directed this session and explained the physiological foundations and the technique involved in the vHIT (Video Head…

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How Hearing Aid Technology Has Evolved in Society, and Why — Part IX

Editor’s Note: Today’s post continues the discussion by Abigail Farmer and Bruno Sarda on the evolution of hearing aid technology.   The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal to discriminate against disabled individuals.1 Under the Act, disabled means that an individual is “substantially impaired with regard to a major life activity, has a record…

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2016: Will it be the Year of the Disruption? Gosh, I Hope So.

By Kim Cavitt, AuD So, did my provocative title get you to keep reading?  Please say yes because it is important for readers to learn more about the disruptive forces at play in our industry. Unlike many contributors before me, I see the audiology and hearing aid industry differently.  I do not fear the disruption.…

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The PCAST Report and How it Could Harm Patients — Part 3

Editor’s Note: Today’s post concludes the discussion by Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD, and Brad Stach, PhD, on why they believe the recommendations of the PCAST report could actually harm, rather than help, hearing impaired patients.   PCAST Myth 6: Providing Over-The-Counter Access Will Be Safe for Consumers   The report recommendations were provided for those consumers with “age-related, progressive,…

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Hearing Aid Acoustician Programme: Eduplex Institute – Part 2

Editor’s Note: In last week’s post, we introduced the Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) as an education training provider offering courses related to hearing and being available to individuals anywhere in the world through a unique global eLearning approach. Hearing Aid Acoustician Programme Description   The Eduplex Training Institute recognizes that travel to existing, and often distant, educational sites is typically not practical…

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Hearing Education Training

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes to us from HHTM’s own Editor-In-Chief, Wayne Staab, PhD, discussing an innovative new global eLearning program for the hearing industry. eLearning Program for Hearing Education Training   Hearing education training has come a long way, but not necessarily for those wishing to engage at an entry level.  Degreed programs have been…

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