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Jun. 09, 2011

Wireless: The New Frontier?

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Most of us are using hearing devices that have wireless capabilities, yes?  Well, of course we are because it is built right in the aids now.  But what about the accessories?  Do you utilize the rooms you have to demonstrate?  I happen to have a “Technology” Room in my office, pictured here.  I changed the name from ALD to Technology
Jun. 01, 2011

Ways to Brand Your Business With Evolving Targets

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Ed Roach wrote 12 Steps to Building A Brand Arsenal. In his blog he gives good basic tools to help your business. From simply jazzing up your business cards to consistency across the board in the message you want to get across to your target audience. We have several target audiences; the Silents, or as Tom Brokaw stated, The Greatest
May. 25, 2011

Core Values; Need an Update?

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Those who know me may describe me as a talker. I do a lot of that I have to admit, but sometimes it is better just to sit back and listen to those around you. This morning during my Network meeting we had table discussions on what makes us “fit” to be the best managers possible. Several topics were brought
May. 18, 2011

Privacy and Social Media in HealthCare

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
In Private Practice, marketing and name brand is a very large piece of the puzzle. We want to brand our offices, not necessarily the product. The problem is the product is where much of the advertising money is. With our budgets we try to get the most bang for the buck, 10 years ago the yellow page ads were a
May. 11, 2011

Educate Instead of “Marketing”

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
When I am chatting with my ad reps from the different local papers the same theme comes from each of them. How people are pulling back from their Marketing and Advertising budgets. The things that work take time and need a strong foundation, not a quick fix. Building your referral base of existing patients (or consumers where ever your preference
May. 04, 2011

Going Beyond Your Office

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
When we think of Networking what comes to mind? Anything that you do in and outside of your office is networking and your are your best advertising. Except when I let my husband drive my car, that is when I hide. Yes, there are the traditional Networking groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and trade organizations. These are great
Apr. 27, 2011

Referring Out: One of the Pit Falls

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
When you are in Private Practice, most of the time you are not associated with an ENT, although I do know of a couple of independent practitioners who do have this particular set up and have a good relationship with the physicians. I do not have the numbers in front of me, but I would venture to say most of
Apr. 19, 2011

Spasmodic Batteries

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
As we learn more about how what we use affect the environment we will see our products change. When I started my first “real” audiology job there was the change to use the zinc air batteries from silver and mercury. There were some patients who complained up a blue streak about how the battery life changed. I since have experienced
Apr. 13, 2011

Positive Communication Can Be A Reality

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Two things happened last week that prompted me to conduct a Communication workshop for my employees. One was between two workers that were not communicating well and bad feelings were escalating, the other was reading an article (https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2011/03/label-interaction-difficult-patient.html) on Dr. Kevin Pho’s blog about looking at the situation as not about the “difficult patient” but more of the situation the
Apr. 06, 2011

Welcome to private practice

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Judy Huch, AuD & Scot Frink, MS   In the ever-changing world of private practice, we want to provide, and invite, different perspectives. Every practitioner has his or her own reasons for working independently, but we all want to run a successful practice.  At Hear In Private Practice, we want to give our fellow practitioners a chance to share your ideas