This Week in Hearing Turns 2! A Look Back at the Top 10 Episodes of the Past Year

July 12, 2023

Since first launching in July 2021, the hosts of This Week in Hearing have conducted more than 150 interviews – exploring the latest trends, technologies and developments across the world of hearing.

To celebrate this latest milestone, we thought we’d share with you our most popular episodes over the past 12 months.

Top 10 Episodes

Fully Implanted Acclaim® Cochlear Implant Clinical Trial: Interview with Brent Lucas, CEO of Envoy Medical


Where Did All the Audiologists Go? Audiology Workforce Analysis Deep Dive with Dr. Victor Bray


Bose and Lexie Hearing Partnership Aims to Increase Hearing Aid Access in US Market: Interview with Nic Klopper & Andy Sabin


Trends in Auditory Regenerative Medicine: Spiral Therapeutics Novel Drug Delivery System


Neuroplastic Promoting Medications for Cochlear Implant Recipients, Interview with Dr. Rene Gifford and Ansley Kunnath


Running a Successful Audiology Clinic: Is a Bundled or Unbundled Approach Best? With  Dr. Michael Valente


New Medical Approaches to Treating Hearing Loss: Interview with Celia Belline and Peter Markham


Xander’s Smart Glasses Bring Real-Time Captioning to Daily Life for People with Hearing Loss. Interview with Xander CEO Alex Westner, and the Founder & CEO of Vuzix, Paul Travers


Inside Starkey’s Genesis AI Technology: A Closer Look with Dave Fabry, Ph.D.


Manufacturing Auditory Neurons with Brian Culley, CEO of Lineage Cell Therapeutics.


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