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US Ear Device Patents in June 2018

The patent list continues to lean in on ear devices that use the ear as a conveyor belt for things far beyond what audiologists used to think of as hearing “better.” They raise Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) questions about what “better” may mean as technology continues to unfolds. The following are June’s…

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US Ear Device Patents in May 2018

Sivantos/Widex Has a Lot of Clout by Any Measure   The M&A of Widex and Sivantos was May’s big news in the hearing aid world. The new entity (name as yet undisclosed) is predicted  take the new Denmark-Singapore headquartered entity to 29% global market share, making it the top player among major hearing aid manufacturers…

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US Hearing Device Patents for November-December 2017

HHTM welcomes back Dr. Holly Hosford-Dunn to Hearing Economics this week to bring readers the latest update in her popular patent series that has been tracking patent activity in the hearing industry since 2012   The patent series took a 6 month vacation and resumes today with 73 patents which were awarded in the fourth…

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Audiologists Not Immune to Dunning-Kruger Effect

When everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.  Gen. George Patton If you’re the smartest person in the room, find another room. Michael Dell (Forbes magazine) “As God has said, and I think he’s right…”  Margaret Thatcher   Dunning and Kruger were the first to systematically investigate unconscious incompetence and report their findings in the…

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Not all States are Equal When It Comes to Costco and Audiologists

Last post in the Costco series initiated rudimentary analyses of hearing-related market growth in the US by comparing aggregate variables in the top 25 states ranked by Costco presence (“Top” states) versus the lower 25 states (“Bottom” states).  Top states exceeded Bottom states, in adjusted per capita measures (feature image).  Compared to Bottom states, the Top…

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