Waiting for the Second Shoe (of Three) to Drop

“Peeling the Onion” is a monthly column by Harvey Abrams, PhD.   Before we get started, a disclaimer: This post will name names – hearing aid products, a health insurance company, and hearing health care benefit programs. I have no financial or non-financial interests in any of the products/companies mentioned except as a subscriber to…

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Siemens in the Re-Making: Breaking News

Siemens’ plan to strip off Audiology was first reported by David Kirkwood as rumor in February and again as fact in May of this year.   Various types of stripping were dissected at Hearing Economics and by its many Commentators.  A few well-informed, anonymous sources offered their views.  It was all very exciting, as always, when…

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Siemens: Deep Throats Shout it Out

The last Siemens post drew a number of comments, not all complimentary but all useful to the burning question of “What’s up with Siemens?”  In economic-speak, there is a shortage of facts and a surplus of speculation in the air and on my desk.  Today, Hearing Economics turns the microphone over to well-informed industry insiders…

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Back to the Future as Siemens Tries to Check Out

Time and space limits in the last Siemens post forced the future to be postponed.  The future is now as Hearing Economics continues to clear its desk.  Spoiler:  nobody agrees yet on what the future holds for Siemens Audiology or its rascally stepchild Hearing USA. Siemens Makes a Run for It   On May 7, 2014,…

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Siemens Files for Divorce (again)

“The Past, Present and Future walked into a bar. It was tense.”  time warp in a bar  Hearing Economics hit its stride by writing a 21-post series involving Siemens back in the good old HearUSA days of 2011.  You’d think that would be enough, but stray remnants kept trickling in, getting buried on the desk, cluttering up…

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