Hi/Lo Bets on Hearing Aid Margins

Are you willing to bet that many audiologists focus on selling as many high-cost premium hearing aids as possible in order to make a living?  Ethics aside, it sounds logical that you’ll make more money if you sell more expensive stuff, whether it’s diamonds or hearing aids.  Maybe so for top-quality gemstones, but don’t take…

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Hearing Healthcare: Fish or Fowl?

March Phonak-Costco Madness ushered in urgency to the health of hearing healthcare providers.  March Mayhem was foreshadowed for 3 years in Hearing Economics posts, starting with resurrection of 1990s prognostications of professional schizophrenia and bimodalism stemming from creative destruction. And lo, it came to pass as disruptive technologies and economics came among us and we were sore afraid. Otherwise,…

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Who Are We and Why? Hearing Economics Gets all Dark and Existential

Hearing Economics is forever asking Why–usually more than 5 times– especially when it comes to the Why of hearing aid prices.  The Pricing series has asked the Whys of manufacturing costs, retail Price, and wholesale pricing for different dispensing models. The Why of “markup”  shows that net profit–the true markup–is well below $100/hearing aid. That…

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Pumpkin Pie with missing slice by Mark Kelly, Heartspring.net © 2012

Private Sector Hearing Aid Costs and Markup

“The success of the final product of services and hearing aid is dependent much more upon our services than it is upon the product. ”  Catherine Palmer PhD  Audiologists and licensed practitioners believe those words, based on years of experience with patients.  That’s why most of us do what we do and charge what we…

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Markup Gets a Makeover: Hearing Aid Pricing Part 12

“We don’t treat the product as a commodity other than the fact that the acquisition cost of the product is a line item.”  Catherine Palmer PhD  Last week took issues with unmarked black boxes and the misuse of “markup” with reference to hearing aid sales. Today’s post continues the theme by introducing better boxes to…

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