Costco Hearing Aids Review: A Closer Look

costco hearing aids from jabra rexton phillips
June 15, 2024

Outside of the Veteran’s Administration, Costco is by far the largest provider of hearing aids in the United States. In recent years analysts have pegged Costco to currently hold potentially as much as 12-15% market share of ALL hearing aid sold in the US, with continued growth rates of its hearing aid centers over the past several years exceeding 20% year-over-year.

As Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD, pointed out in her series on Costco’s Hearing Aid Center growth and business model, “As fast as Costco warehouses have multiplied, Costco Hearing Aid Centers have multiplied faster.”

costco hearing aid center growth

Annual growth of US Costco warehouses (blue) and Costco Hearing Aid Centers in US and Canada. (data from Costco Warehouse Annual Reports)

Understandably, hearing aid manufacturers have been watching this trend for years and have taken notice. Today, three of the ‘Big 5’ global hearing aid manufacturers are selling their hearing aids in Costco warehouses across North America.

Reviewing Hearing Aids Available at Costco: An Overview

A lot has changed at Costco as the number of hearing centers has expanded across the US, but especially over the past year. In November 2022, Costco and Phonak parent company Sonova ended their relationship, which resulted in a reduction of hearing brands on offer at the warehouse (scroll down for a discussion of discontinued models, like Phonak).

As of late 2023, there remains only 3 hearing aid brands being sold at Costco: Rexton, Jabra and Philips.

Jabra Hearing Aids

jabra enhance pro 10 Costco offers Jabra Enhance Pro 20 hearing aids, starting at $1,599 for a pair ($100 less than the Enhance Pro 10 was previously listed at), which comes standard with a premium recharging hearing case.

Jabra is well-known for producing consumer headphones and office headsets and is actually owned by GN Hearing, the manufacturer of ReSound hearing aids available outside of Costco. (Readers may be aware that in 2021, GN decided to replace ReSound in Costco with the more consumer-oriented Jabra brand).

The flagship Jabra Enhance Pro 20 product at Costco is the rechargeable micro Receiver In Ear (RIE) 60S, the smallest receiver-in-ear style offered. It provides a full set of features including Bluetooth streaming, compatibility with iOS and Android devices, and tap controls to answer calls by tapping your ear.

A premium rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides around 30 hours of use per charge. The included Premium Charger allows charging on the go (holding up to 3 additional charges). The micro RIE 60S is IP68 rated for maximum dust and water protection.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE 62

The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE 62 is a slightly larger RIE that uses a size 13 disposable battery. It has all the same audio processing and Bluetooth streaming capabilities as the micro RIE 60S. Additionally, the RIE 62 includes a telecoil for use with loop systems.

Both Pro 20 RIE models feature Auracast technology, which will allow streaming of audio broadcasts from venues when the system is implemented. This makes them ready for future connectivity.

Key features provided in the Jabra Pro 20 RIEs include noise reduction, feedback cancellation, wind noise reduction, and synchronized ear-to-ear switching. The Environmental Optimizer automatically adjusts settings based on the sound environment.

The Jabra Enhance Pro smartphone app allows for some remote programming adjustments. It also includes handy features like Check My Fit to guide proper insertion and help locating lost hearing aids.

Like ReSound’s ONE, OMNIA and latest Nexia hearing aids found outside of Costco, the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 also has the optional Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear (M&RIE) technology, which combines two microphones on the hearing aid casing with an additional microphone built into the receiver housing placed in the ear. It takes advantage of the ear’s natural ability to collect and amplify sound, improving sound localization, reducing noise from behind, and minimizing wind noise.

jabra m&rie technology

The M&RIE technology is available on the Enhance Pro 20 RIEs – a feature unique to GN/Jabra, but the tech isn’t right for everyone, so it helps to consult with a professional on whether this is a good fit for your needs

For those looking for custom hearing aids, Costco does offers Jabra Enhance Pro 10 custom hearing aids* including rechargeable ITE and ITC styles, and a non-rechargeable CIC model. The ITE and ITC have features like Bluetooth streaming, while the CIC uses a 10A battery and lacks wireless connectivity.

*Custom aid pricing is generally higher than RIE styles due to specialized earmolds and services required.

Costco also provides a selection of accessory devices for compatible Jabra hearing aids, including the TV Streamer 2, which allows direct streaming of television audio, and the Multi Mic and Micro Mic, which enable direct streaming of audio from external sources such as partners or speakers in meetings.

jabra hearing aid accessories

Full range of Jabra accessories shown

Additionally, Costco offers two remote control options for easy volume and program adjustments, although these updates can also be made through the accompanying app or buttons on most models of the hearing aid. Every pair of Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids includes a charge case that requires connection to a wall outlet during charging. However, an upgrade to a premium case is available, which can hold up to three charges within the case itself for convenient on-the-go charging.

jabra enhance pro appLike GN devices outside of Costco, the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 offers directed connectivity to iPhone and some selected Android devices. The company’s smartphone app, the Jabra Enhance Pro app is nearly identical in look and function to ReSound’s Smart 3D app.

In addition to allowing the user to adjust the sound and programs, the app allows for remote adjustment capability (telehealth) features.

**Jabra Enhance Pro 20 hands-free calls are compatible with iPhone 11 or later, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad Air (4th generation), and iPad mini (6th generation or later) and later iPad models, with software updates iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 or later.
***Visit for a list of compatible devices

With a choice of rechargeable and disposable battery options, IP68 rating, and technology like Auracast, the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE models offer robust capabilities for Costco members seeking an advanced receiver-in-ear hearing aid.

Rexton Hearing Aids

While it may not be as recognizable a brand name, Rexton aids are manufactured by WS Audiology, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They can be found at Costco stores in the US, HearUSA retail centers and were also previously offered at CVS until CVS closed its hearing aid centers nationwide in 2019.

In March 2024, Rexton unveiled the Rexton Reach platform, designed to enhance active engagement in group conversations by allowing wearers to discern multiple voices simultaneously, even amidst background noise. The first model utilizing this platform is the Rexton Reach R-Li T, a new rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid.

The company will be releasing the new flagship model across Costco stores in the US in June 2024 to replace the current BiCore R-Li RIC models.

The Rexton Reach R-Li T hearing aids boast several advanced features, including Multi-Voice Focus Technology for clear conversations in noisy environments, rechargeable convenience with up to 34 hours of battery life (including five hours of Bluetooth streaming), and compatibility with iPhone and Android smartphones through MFi and ASHA protocols.

Additionally, these latest hearing aids are future-proof, requiring only a firmware update to connect via Bluetooth LE Audio. The built-in telecoil provides convenience for users needing to connect to Loop systems, and the ATEX certification ensures safety in potentially explosive environments.

The Rexton smartphone app allows users to customize their hearing experience in real-time, making it accessible for all ages.

With the company upgrading their flagship RIC device, it’s unclear when they might be upgrading their instant-fit CIC offering (the size 10 battery powered, M-Core iX instant-fit CIC) in favor of the new, rechargeable model on the newest platform – the Reach inoX-CIC Li. 

The older technologies, which are likely still available would include:

  • BiCore R 312 RIC – RIC with disposable 312 battery lasting up to 89 hours. Offers Bluetooth streaming and Android/iOS direct connectivity. CROS version available.
  • BiCore Slim RIC (SR) – Sleek, rechargeable RIC providing 17 hours streaming time and direct streaming. IP68 rating and 5 color combination options.
  • BiCore B-Li Rugged BTE – Robust BTE made for active lifestyles, with rechargeability, IPX8 water protection rating, and up to 39 hours of battery life. Great for vigorous activity and exercise.

Rexton, like their other counterparts in Costco, offer wireless accessories and compatibility with smartphone apps.

The Smart Transmitter 2.4 enables a seamless connection between your TV or stereo system and one or more hearing aids, delivering Dolby Digital sound directly to the wearer.

Among the Rexton accessories, the Smart Mic serves as both a companion microphone and a remote control. Its versatility extends to streaming audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices that lack direct streaming capabilities, making it particularly beneficial for older Android phones or Bluetooth hearing aids without direct streaming to iOS or Android devices. The Smart Mic functions by connecting to both the Bluetooth device and the hearing aid, transmitting sound from the device directly to the wearer’s ears.

The Smart Key serves as a subtle remote control for Rexton hearing aids, allowing easy volume adjustments and program switching.

Rexton has a long history in Costco and was the supplier of the previous Kirkland Signature 7.0 and Kirkland Signature 8.0 hearing aids, prior to the release of the KS 9.0 model in July 2019.

Philips Hearing Aids

Philips hearing aids are among the newest addition to Costco and currently offers the HearLink 9040 series, which includes a rechargeable receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) model and a smaller miniRITE version with disposable batteries. These aids are said to feature:

  • AI Noise Reduction technology allows you to hear speech clearly, and easily, even in noisy and busy environments.
  • The new SoundProtect feature can quickly detect, identify and reduce a wide range of unwanted/irritating sounds including wind noise, handling noise and transient noise.
  • The new Philips HearLink 2 app now combines both remote control and remote fitting features in just one app.
  • A full day of hearing after just 3.5 hours of charging, saves you time and money from changing batteries. Easier for you, better for the planet.
  • The hands-free communication feature streams sounds directly to and from your iPhone and iPad.
  • A HiFi Music feature further enriches the listening quality, amplifying music beats to intensify the sounds.

phillips hearing aids 9040

The aids are said to incorporate AI Sound Technology that trains the device to prioritize speech in noisy environments. They also include SoundProtect, which automatically reduces sudden loud noises and minimizes the impact of wind and handling noise. The HearLink models are compatible with iPhones and offer wireless audio streaming. They incorporate multichannel directional microphones and active noise management to adapt to changing listening environments. The SoundMap 2 sound processing software aims to enhance speech comprehension in noisy settings. Costco also provides the HearLink 2 app for remote control and programming adjustments, along with wireless accessories such as the Philips AudioClip, TV adapter, and remote control. The HearLink aids have a telecoil and IP68 rating for dust and moisture protection.

phillips hearing aid chargers

Standard charger (L) and new Charger Plus MNR T R (R) portable charger provides three full charges of the HearLink miniRITE T R.

hearlink2 appThe Philips HearLink 2 app offers discreet control and customization options for your hearing aids. It allows you to adjust the volume and settings such as noise reduction and streaming equalizer. You can switch between predefined programs based on different listening situations and monitor battery levels. The app also includes features like finding lost hearing aids and a streaming equalizer for personalized listening. Additionally, you can receive remote support and counseling from your hearing care professional through live video calls. The app is compatible with all Philips Bluetooth hearing aids, but the availability of features may vary depending on the specific hearing aids and mobile device used.

Philips HearLink 2 provides you with discreet, improved control over your hearing aids

The hearing aids are also compatible with additional accessories, which can be purchased separately:

  • Philips AudioClip–Allows for hands-free phone calls via Android™ phones.
  • Philips TV Adapter–Stream the sound directly to your hearing aids from your TV.
  • Philips Remote Control–Allows for discreet changes to hearing aid volume and program.
philips hearing aid accessories

Philips wireless accessories currently available at Costco

Costco Hearing Aid Prices

Unlike many hearing aid retailers, Costco is unique in that it maintains a set pricing structure – it used to offer a range of prices in 3 tiers, but now instead is focused on streamlining their pricing model.

costco discontinued hearing aid prices

As of Spring 2018, we learned that Costco no longer offers pricing in 3 tiers of Basic, Advanced and Premium. Instead, they are “selling premium hearing aids at economy prices“.

Prices vary somewhat by state, but have recently ranged from $1249-$1499 each (some companies also charge an additional fee for charging case), although in response to the Kirkland being removed, the company has lowered overall pricing – now at $1499-$1699/pair *

*While there is a set price structure for majority of states, California stores have typically added an additional $50-100 to the unit price of hearing aids, due to “increased cost of business” in that state.

Phonak Hearing Aids (Discontinued at Costco)

Phonak became the 4th vendor in Costco after launching its Brio hearing aids into Costco in 2014. The company had 4 generations of the Brio hearing aid family in the warehouse before ending its relationship with Costco in late 2022.

The Brio 4 was available in Behind-The-Ear (BTE) with 13 or 312 battery, and custom models.

Phonak Brio 4 hearing aids costco

Brio 4 hearing aid styles

According to Phonak, the Brio 4 features included:

  • Directly connects to any Bluetooth®-enabled device including iOS® and Android™ smartphones
  • Truly hands-free calls
  • Telecoil for connectivity in places with hearing loop technology (i.e. churches, theaters)
  • IP68*: designed for durability and protection against dust and moisture
  • Enjoy all day comfort and discretion thanks to a sleek, innovative design
  • Control your hearing aids with the myPhonak app

Wireless accessories like a TV connector, partner microphone, remote control, etc., were available, in addition to Bluetooth and smartphone app connectivity.

Phonak hearing aids are still available outside of Costco, but as of 2022 are no longer available.

**Note: Phonak parent company, Sonova, was the supplier of the Kirkland Signature 9.0 and  10.0 hearing aids

GN ReSound (Discontinued at Costco)

GN had partnered with Costco for many years, including several under its flagship hearing aid brand – ReSound. However, in 2021, the company decided that for the Costco channel, providing hearing aids under a more widely recognized consumer brand made sense, which is why the company launched Jabra hearing aids into Costco in 2021.

ReSound hearing aids are available outside of Costco, but are no longer available for purchase at the warehouse

Bernafon Hearing Aids (Discontinued at Costco)

Part of the Demant Group (which also owns the Oticon and Sonic hearing aid brands), Bernafon had been present in Costco for many years. However, in spring of 2019, the company decided to remove the Bernafon brand from Costco and instead, re-launched its new Philips-branded devices in Costco warehouses in May 2019.

Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids – (Discontinued – for Now)

costco kirkland signature hearing aid reviewWhile many people today know that Costco is a major supplier of hearing aids, many are unfamiliar with the company’s Kirkland Signature hearing aid brand, even though up until 2022, it was one of the biggest sellers (if not the biggest) in warehouses across North America.

Kirkland hearing aids, historically, had only been produced by 2 companies: Rexton and GN ReSound (Interton, which was acquired by ReSound in 2005, produced the early Kirkland model). However, the last model of Kirkland Signature 10.0 hearing aids, and previous KS 9.0, were manufactured by Phonak parent company, Sonova.

Kirkland Signature hearing aids are considered premium-level technology, but are offered at a much lower price than the Costco’s typical premium aids (as noted above, which have historically ranged $1249-$1499 USD per aid). With each successive generation of Kirkland Signature (KS) hearing aids over the past several years, the price for a pair of instruments has been lowered by $100/pair:

  • KS 4.0: $1,999/pair (manufactured by Rexton)
  • KS 5.0: $1,899/pair (manufactured by GN ReSound)
  • KS 6.0: $1,799/pair (manufactured by GN ReSound)
  • KS 7.0: $1,699/pair (manufactured by Rexton)
  • KS 8.0: $1,599/pair (manufactured by Rexton)
  • KS 9.0: $1,499/pair (manufactured by Sonova)
  • KS 10.0: $1,399/pair (manufactured by Sonova)

This pricing strategy of Costco’s KS brand is in line with recent calls for lower pricing to increase access and affordability to amplification, most notably from the NAS and PCAST reports.

costco ks 10 hearing aid price

The last Kirkland model on offer in late 2022, the KS 10.0 devices were sold for $1,399/pair, which were for the first time offered in a rechargeable form factor (the previous KS 9.0 hearing aids were only available in battery-powered model).

To make up for the missing Kirkland brand, the company restructured its pricing on existing hearing aids, lowering the price to make them more affordable, although they are still not quite as inexpensive and it’s unclear whether or not Costco will unveil a new KS model in late 2024 or whether it will continue as-is for the foreseeable future.

Costco Now Offering Remote Hearing Aid Adjustments

In response to the pandemic, which resulted in closings and reduced hours for many locations, Costco began offering remote programming for ‘select hearing aids’. Thanks to modern technology, many of the hearing aids sold today have Bluetooth connectivity and can offer these types of capabilities, including those produced by Rexton, Phillips and Jabra.

remote costco hearing care

The feature, previously unavailable, is advertised on the Costco website as a service available to members.

Is Costco the Right Choice for Hearing Aids?

For the price, Costco’s hearing aid offering can be hard to beat. The hearing aids carried at Costco are made by some of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and at Costco’s low prices, it can be a very good value for the consumer.

However, as noted above, the choice and selection can be limited (which is why prices are so low). Also, Costco doesn’t bill insurance, which can also be a deterrent for some (they don’t participate in the UHC hearing aid program, for example) and they don’t do payment plans. Therefore, like with any big decision – do your homework and make sure it makes sense for you.

Visit the company website to learn more.


  1. Costco’s model closely matches ours when we owned DigiCare Hearing Solutions, and has worked well in the many years we used it. It accommodates different levels of affordability and expectations, and brings consistent quality to hearing impaired consumers. Glad to see it still being used today. I understand that other firms are doing something similar–so, it’s a winning strategy that benefits everyone.

  2. Have they improved in last four years?

    I tried a pair 4 years ago when get H BTEs for the first time and was not impressed. I decided on Oticon through my local DR but man are they expensive!!

    1. Whether they are carried in Costco, or outside of Costco, hearing aids have definitely improved in the past 4 years. Like other electronics, the chip platforms digital hearing aids are built on have improved quite substantially even in the past 2 years. If you’re curious to compare, many clinics, including Costco, offering free demos.

  3. COSTCO hearing aids are not current generation in technology , and can be marketed in the used pricing category. For patients with complex hearing losses involving cognitive damage, I would recommend hearing aids that are more expensive and can actually help with cognitive improvements.

    1. anjan muhury, I know you would like to believe that, and have others believe it, but it’s just not true. COSTCO/Rexton hearing aids are as good as any and since when does the price of hearing aids have anything to do with cognitive improvement?
      I have to compete with COSTCO just like you do, and their ability to price way below what is typical is in fact changing our industry. You obviously resent them, but you need to be honest when you answer a question in this forum.

      1. I agree. I have 3 pairs of high priced aids purchase from Costco and one pair of Kirkland Signiture 8 aids. After 11 years of this, my conclusion is that my last pair–Kirkland Sig 8 aids were the best!

  4. Hearing aids like the Resound Forte are fairly advanced. The Costco 6 month trial is unheard of. It is hard to justify paying 2 to 3 Times more for a marginal difference in performance plus free cleaning and adjustments for the and they are an excellent entree level hearing aid with Smart phone connectivity.

  5. The audiologist at Costco believes i should get the more expensive Resound Forte 8 then the Kirkland 7.0 because of my high frequency loss and also said he would be able to raise the volume on the Resound Forte much higher then the Kirkland 7.0 if needed. Would it be worth the extra $1200 ?

    1. It wasn’t worth it for me to switchto Resound Forte 8. I had Resound Sola 8 aids for 3 years and on the advice of my Costco rep switched to the much more powerful Sola 8 aids. Terrible experience. I now suffer from almost continual head stoppage and the poor hearing that goes with it. I tried to get advice from Costco reps but was always greeted with blank silence. I could have and should have returned them within 90 days but did not (this was my 3rd pair from Costco and I had been lulled into believing that they were better than they are. No more.

      I now have a pair of over the ear aids that are so much better. I need to keep in mind that Costco is an agressive business firm not by doctor.

  6. Are the Resound Forte (version 8?) hearing aids offered by Costco on Jan 2018 the same as Resound LiNX3D ?

  7. I have high frequency (moderate/severe) hearing loss. Are there any hearing aids offered by Costco (ponak/resound/bernafon) that you would recommend to try ?

    1. High frequency loss is the most common kind of hearing loss. One would imagine that Costco would have several different options for your loss from each of the brands they carry.

  8. Why doesn’t Costco work together Starkey hearing aids in their stores? I’ve done alit of research and they are the best .

    1. Starkey has the worst customer service of any company. Maybe why Costco doesn’t deal with them

  9. Why doesn’t Costco work to get Starkey hearing aids in their stores? I’ve done alot of research and they are the best .

  10. I need to replace my nearly 10 year old Rextons and am faced with a dilemma. I want the latest technology but have a budget so I guess I am stuck with the KS 7 unless the KS 8 is coming out soon. Like by March or April. Does anyone have a good sense of when the new KS will arrive?

    1. I think summer is more likely for the KS8 from what someone told me recently, but other companies have recently released new aids, like Bernafon and ReSound

        1. Thank you Pati. Yes, we are aware of the KS8’s release this week, but are awaiting the full details before providing an updated report.

  11. Will there be a new Phonak in 2018, ie when will the Brio 2 be replaced by the Brio 3? Thanks if any one knows.

    1. I’ve heard Phonak will be releasing something new in spring or summer 2018, not sure if Brio 3 but will either offer recharging or use the new SWORD chip that allows it to direct connect to all types of Bluetooth phones

      1. I’m told that the new Brio 3 is not direct connect, like the SWORD chip is, and it is also not rechargeable either

      2. Ding, ding, ding! You are correct the new Brio 3 R-C is rechargeable or the Brio3 -C will direct connect for blue tooth with Iphone AND Android! $2500 for the pair!

    2. Just yesterday I was in the Costco in Jacksonville Florida. There was a shipping box labeled Phonak Brio 3. I was told that they just arrived but they knew absolutely nothing about them. I was told that a company Rep will be coming in ‘soon’ to train them.

      1. It is not necessary to be a Costco member to purchase prescriptions there. Don’t know about hearing aids.

      2. It’s worth investing in a membership. Your savings on the hearing aids will more than cover the membership fee. Also, their batteries are very inexpensive.

  12. I have the Kirkland 8.0 and they sound far superior the Kirkland 7.0. However, I believe these (8.0) were rushed to market. Playing audio or voice via the iPhone to the hearing aids results in a profound clicking sound – either using the Rexton iPhone (very buggy) application or using the Apple Accessibility MFi Hearing setting natively. Otherwise, the hearing aids are fantastic. I just wish they would have tested these more before releasing. I feel those who purchase now (February 2018) are beta testers, but you can’t beat the price, service and Costco warranty.

    1. Do you happen to have an iPhone watch? If so, try putting in Airplane Mode to get rid of the clicking sound. I read elsewhere that the watch can cause interference, apparently due to some sort of Bluetooth interference.

  13. I have a pair of Rexton hearing aids that I bought two years ago from Costco. They make everything louder but they only marginally help me hear conversations, especially in a noisy environment. I recently lost one and need to replace or buy new ones. The Costco representative recommended Kirkland brand which are made by Rexton. I rarely wore the Rexton hearing aids because of their poor performance. I have high frequency hearing loss. Am I expecting too much in that I thought hearing aids would bring my hearing back to near normal. Are there better hearing aids that Costco sells that would work better?

    1. I can’t speak to the Rexon Hearing Aids because I have never worn them. However, I have worn hearing aids for over 30 years and would make the following statement regarding your comments. Regardless of which brand or type of hearing aids you wear, your hearing will never be the same as it once was. I have a top-of-the-line pair of Starkey Z series hearing aids which I keep as a backup in case I lose the new pair I just bought. The new ones are Resound GN’s from Costco. I also have a severe loss in one ear, and a profound loss in the other. No hearing aid, no matter how expensive, makes it easy to for me to hear in a crowded room. In fact, I have difficulty understanding what is being said by a speaker at a podium using a microphone. My hearing is simply too bad. However, I can hear very well in a one-on-one setting. I can’t really advise you with regard to what will work best for you, but I will say that I am very happy with my ReSound Aids from Costco, and they cost less than 1/2 as comparable aids from a traditional Audiology practice.

  14. I have the 8.0 Kirkland brand hearing aid but only getting 4 days out of the batteries. Anyone else experiencing this. My friends have different brands and getting 7 to 10 days of battery life. But I hear good!

    1. Make sure you leave the battery sticker off for 5 min to get a longer battery life. Also remember streaming will effect battery life.

      1. What do you mean leave the sticker off battery for 5 min. I’m a newbie

        1. The batteries are air-activated — the sticker prevents activation until it’s removed.

  15. I want to compare the Kirkland Signature 8.0 with the TruHearing Flyte Premium which are made by ReSound. Does anyone have any pros/cons on these two brands?

    1. I have had a disastrous experience with ReSound (the company and the product), to the point where I will not consider them for any future needs.

  16. First hearing aid, KS8. Fantastic improvement in hearing, that’s most important. Part that slips into ear canal, likes to slip out. Is there a way to keep them in place. First for the hearing improvement but also potential of loss of the complete unit. And not so important, interface with iPhone for music has intolerable clicking noise, so I don’t do that. Works fine for phone calls.

    1. Are you using a sport lock for retention? If so, please go back to your provider and see if the dome size needs adjusting for better retention.

  17. I have Signature 6 hearing aids. Loved the ability to bluetooth to y iphone using app ‘Choice’. I recently updated my iphone 6 and now it will not connect to my hearing aids. It shows they are there but won’t connect so I can’t pair them. Does anyone have any help for this. Costco says its not the hearing aids. Apple feels the upgrade is not compatible to the app. Is there an upgrade or new app I should use?

  18. What does Costco have for us Android users? We have no intention of switching to i-phone so all these advertised apps are of no use to us. Please let me know if there is anything for Android that works as well as what Costco is advertising for i-Phones.

    1. The newest release by Phonak at Costco is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.

    2. I work for Costco. I also use an Android. The KS8 android Ap gives you the same use of the Ap as a remote control. Just no direct BT streaming.

  19. Avoid the Phonak option. They’re unreliable as a product and as a company. Surprised Costco deal with such a business.

    1. Laws vary by State. In Oregon someone under the age of 18 would be required to be tested by an Audiologist and have a written Rx from a physician to be fit at Costco.

  20. I have had the rexton 8.0 for almost 2 weeks. The sound of my voice sounded natural after one day. They work great, my hearing is fine for tv, talking and talking on the phone. My wife loves that I have them. Putting the plug into my ear canal has been difficult but I am getting used to it. I go for a tuneup in 3 days but I really don’t think I need it. But I will go. These are great and have increased the quality of my life tremendously.

  21. I am an experienced hearing aid user who had a less than satisfactory experience at Costco. In my experience, if your needs fit with the Costco technician’s recommendation then you will save a lot of money. In my case, I’ve worn Starkey CIC hearing aids for the past 6 years and was due for updated HA’s. I was tested and fitted at Costco with a trial pair of ReSound RIC’s, but could not adjust to having microphone’s behind the ear and a receiver in the canal (RIC). The wind noise and interference with reading or sun glasses was a deal breaker, so I ordered a pair of non custom fit Rexton in the ear hearing aids – also at Costco. Unfortunately, my hearing loss is too significant and these could not be adjusted enough to eliminate feedback. I returned these and was told that I never should have ordered them in the first place (probably true). Rather than suggesting a different solution I was given a trial pair of ReSound RIC aids even though I had already tried them and didn’t want them. This is clearly what they want to sell at my local Costco and it didn’t work for me. I ended up being referred by a friend to a local audiologist who fit me with a pair of Phonak Titanium Virto B-70 in canal hearing aids. The level of professionalism and desire to find a solution that worked for me was worth every penny. These hearing aids are by far the best that I have ever worn and I could not be happier with them. Bottom line is that a Costco technician doesn’t have the breadth of knowledge of a good experienced audiologist.

    1. Im sorry you had a less than satisfactory experience at your local Costco. Im a 26 year Costco employee and experience can vary just like it can vary outside of Costco. We do sell the Phonak brand at Costco and Ive had great success fitting Phonak custom hearing aids. ($2700 for a pair of premium customs) I’ve also sold a lot of Resound hearing aids over the years. However, one brand is not right for everyone. I hope you can give Costco a chance in the future. And have an experience that gives you the desired results. – Stacy in Oregon 🙂

      1. Does Costco sell and aid that is good for reverse slope hearing loss?

    1. Costco’s policy states that you can return a hearing aid up to 180 days from purchase. So, if you purchase something that is not working for you you can return and order something different. As far as I know, if you have been wearing HA’s for longer than the trial period and need to upgrade there is no way to “trade them in”.

  22. So I am just starting to consider hearing aids (probably a bit late). I realized last year when I was hospitalized and everyone around me was wearing masks that I have been lip reading – a lot. I also was a competitive shooter for years, and although I wore hearing protection, I have terrible and constant pulsing tinnitus in my ears. Can hearing aids really help with the tinnitus?

  23. My mother, who is 95 needs hearing aids. The issues we have discovered from an ENT are: (1) 60% hearing loss in one ear and 40% in the other; primarily the losses are at the high frequencies. (2) She does not have the patience & dexterity to put batteries in and needs a “simple” rechargeable h/a (drop in/color coded, etc.). (3) The audiologist said she is getting intermittently feedback he called “recruitment”; it comes along, last VERY loud for a few seconds and goes away–even with the h/a we tried at the office. We are going to Costco this week to try theirs. Can Anyone give us complete H/A NOVICES some thoughts/recommendations on these issues. Very much appreciated.

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